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Rehme Steel Windows & Doors

The Cottage is proud to be an exclusive dealer in North Louisiana for Rehme Steel Windows & Doors. As a 100% made in the USA company, Rehme is comprised of talented engineers and craftspeople all working together to create custom steel windows and door assemblies one at a time using only American steel. Owner and operator of Rehme, Peter Rehme, a lifelong resident of Austin, Texas is a well-known metal artisan who has been producing custom ironwork to the residential market for more than 20 years.

Rehme has revolutionized the industry by creating a window and door system that simply works and feels better by solving many of the typical problems associated with steel windows and doors through innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship. 100% American Steel & Labor means you are getting the best, every step of the way. Expert tradespeople crafting to exacting standards results in higher tolerances, tighter reveals, crisper joints, and flatter panels.

Discover the Rehme Steel Windows & Doors Difference!

The artisans and engineers at Rehme Steel Windows & Doors take numerous steps to insure that the highest degree of quality and elite design is provided by each of their products by paying special attention to the innovative integration of materials and functionality. Every assembly must pass Rehme’s rigorous 70-point quality control check before shipment.

The following list details just a few of the differences that separates Rehme Steel Windows & Doors from all others:

  • Superior grade, maintenance free, self lubricating, squeak-free hinges.
  • Simple, low-profile, removable metal stops for easy glass installation.
  • Engineering that allows for minimal sightline mullions & muntins while maintaining superior structural integrity.
  • Coated with a high quality PPG epoxy primer, and PPG 2-part, Catalyzed Paint.
  • Provided with Waterproof Nailing Flange or Through-Jamb Mounting Holes for New Construction or Remodel.
  • Unitized Construction – No Assembly Required.
  • Options for Double Pane IG Prep or Single Pane Glass Prep.

Our team of experienced professionals is happy to assist you in reviewing all of the special features of Rehme Steel Windows & Doors and the most beneficial design for your new home or remodeling project!


A Family Owned Business Whose Products are Made in the USA of 100% American Steel: Just like The Cottage, Rehme Steel Windows and Doors is family owned and operated. Every Rehme window and door is handcrafted in America using 100%cold-rolled American steel by engineers and craftspeople who are fanatical about building it the right way, every step of the way!

Unique Customization and Warranty: Made to your specifications. Rehme proudly stands behind their products and provides a robust warranty. Rehme has a strong reputation for being a reliable partner after the sale.

Endless Variety: SlimLine Series, Thermal Brake Series, C-Series, Pivot System, Slider System and Bi-Fold System. As North Louisiana’s exclusive Rehme Steel Windows & Doors Dealer, we invite you to visit our Showroom to learn more about the many benefits and possibilities.