Find Your Style

Custom Cabinetry

Design and Furnish Your Kitchen, Bath or Entire Home with Custom Cabinetry

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then the cabinetry is the heart of your kitchen. Without them, your kitchen really can’t function the way it should, including storing appliances, organizing utensils and managing the flow of your work space. When you begin a kitchen, bath remodel or new construction project, our team of designers at The Cottage begin working with you by discussing what you want to get out of your kitchen, which allows us to create the one-of-a-kind space you desire.

Custom cabinetry isn’t just for the kitchen or bath. Consider all the elegance and customization custom cabinetry can add to a home office/study, living area, laundry/mudroom, media room, wine cellar and entertainment area as well as closets….the list of custom spaces is endless, and our designers can help bring your dreams and wishes to life.

You have a multitude of options when it comes to cabinetry from paint finishes to styles and profiles. At the The Cottage, we don’t just give you a cookie-cutter kitchen or space; we design a unique area that was built specifically with your needs in mind. And one of the most important elements in bringing that dream kitchen, bath or space to life is your custom cabinetry and how it reflects your needs and lifestyle.

Only the Best Brands

At The Cottage, we make it easy to choose high-quality cabinetry for your kitchen, bath or space because we only work with the very best brands. You have an endless number of styles, colors and materials to complement the rest of your kitchen, bath or space design.

Finding Your Style

Many of our clients know what their personal style is and can already envision what their new kitchen or space will look like. Others, however, need a little bit of help figuring out what they want and how everything—appliances, tile, countertops, paint selections—will fit together. This goes for all elements in your new kitchen, bath, or general living space including your cabinetry.

Our goal is to create a beautiful and innovative kitchen or space that incorporates every element and detail you have asked for, and cabinets are no exception. Our design specialists will show you various options in our showroom, helping you select the right cabinets for your space. We help you find the cabinets that will take your kitchen design or space to the next level, while maintaining their original purpose: making your space functional and efficient.